Routes to Work

For those whose personal barriers to employment are more significant, we are able to offer support at Stage 1 or even before this. In the current economic climate, more and more people are struggling to cope on very limited budgets, with some really catastrophic effects on individuals and families.

We aim to support people to develop skills to cope as well as possible with very difficult situations, and where possible to move forward into paid work.

We are always ready and willing to try and help individuals address their issues, whether through direct support or through signposting to/collaboration with partner agencies eg in Health, Addictions, Housing, Mental Health, Foodbank etc

Some of the barriers we are currently helping clients address in their journey towards employment are:

  • Substance Abuse
  • Mental Health
  • Debt
  • Benefits issues
  • Housing/homelessness
  • Physical health
  • Social isolation/confidence
  • Poor diet/nutrition
  • Budgeting

We assign a case-worker from our team, and where appropriate, we encourage people to take advantage of our various volunteering and training opportunities, as part of their journey.

Progress can be slow, and sometimes can feel like two steps forward and one back, but we provide consistent and persistent personalised support over time, and the results of this long-term input can be dramatic.

You can download our Routes to Work information sheet here.