Accessing Support

The Ridge works closely with local GPs  and other agencies. Our Support Team delivers a service which is truly embedded within the community.  Our service is around 4 key components – Support, Planning, Collaboration and Relationships with the core aim of getting people ready for work by reducing the impact of health inequalities and social isolation, and building resilience at individual and community levels.

We work with people to realise their own potential and help them to overcome barriers to personal growth through a holistic approach and non-time limited service. Our clients are always central to our work, we support people to develop skills to live well day to day, through enabling access to community-led resources that can support them to meet their financial needs, participate in social life, learn fundamental life skills, eg. budgeting, cooking and nutrition, adopt healthier habits and effective coping strategies.

We do not stigmatise people or groups of people, and have strong, proactive policies and procedures to ensure our services really are available and welcoming to all. We work to encourage collaboration and cooperation across social groups locally. EG we set up free weekly community meals , open to all and attended by a wide range of the community, some contributing volunteer time or money and all eating together.

We have developed very popular volunteering opportunities within our two community growing sites at the Backlands Garden and Empire Close both of which provide a safe space  to meet with other local people in a very welcoming setting, to get involved in the creation and maintenance of a garden for the benefit and use of the whole community.  Existing volunteers report very positive impacts on their physical and mental wellbeing, as a result of the physical work, the opportunity to learn new skills and develop new relationships, and we would very much like to extend this provision more widely to the local community.

We have seen the very significant benefit derived by those taking part, and want to maximise awareness among potential referring bodies and individuals.

All those referred will be offered an interview. Placement offers will be made subject to availability.

NB: All information shared will be treated in strictest confidence and in compliance with Data Protection legislation. 

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We are immensely proud to align ourselves with the Befriending Network who have supported us both in terms of grant funding and training. Their mentoring has allowed us to train and support our wonderful team of Befrienders who are working within our local community. If you are reliable and genuinely interested in people and want…

People cooking

Cooking for Life

Thanks to generous funding from Foundation Scotland Coop Good Fund we are now rolling out our new “Cooking for Life” classes. Our Support Team have devised a friendly and relaxed course that will equip you basic cooking skills that will allow you to cook with confidence on a limited budget. Spaces are limited and booking…

Routes to Work

For those whose personal barriers to employment are more significant, we are able to offer support at Stage 1 or even before this. In the current economic climate, more and more people are struggling to cope on very limited budgets, with some really catastrophic effects on individuals and families. We aim to support people to…