The Ridge SCIO

The Ridge was set up in 2012 as a single social enterprise (The Ridge (Scotland) CIC) serving Dunbar and the surrounding villages.

Although the structure of the Ridge has since evolved into an overarching SCIO with a wholly trading subsidiary, The Ridge Foundations CIC (Community Interest Company), our long-term vision continues to be centred upon the provision of training and support, to allow everyone a fair chance to realise their potential.

Over time, we have grown organically and in response to local needs, we have adapted our offering significantly, whilst remaining true to our aims. Our aspiration to create a training garden has been fulfilled with the successful start-up and on-going delivery of the Ridge Backlands and Empire Close Gardens in Dunbar.

In the course of our work to date it became obvious that many vulnerable adults in Dunbar struggle to access support; this is due in no small part to Dunbar’s geographical isolation where support and training is at least two hours and two bus rides away. The Ridge has begun working successfully with a number of referring agencies to provide placements which are both sought after and effective in helping to reach and re-integrate those isolated by the issues they face.

Although we required grant finance to get off the ground, and will continue to access grant support where possible/necessary, in particular to support major capital expenditure, we will continue to create a sustainable range of businesses and seek commercial contracts to be able to fund ongoing training and community initiatives long into the future. This will continue to create permanent jobs for local people and a large number of training opportunities.

We will provide high quality accredited training helping to create a workforce with the right skills for real jobs, which make a positive contribution to our community.

Read The Ridge SCIO Constitution here.

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