Sunny’s Kitchen

After a prolonged hiatus we are thrilled to be working on Sunny’s kitchen once more. For those of you that don’t already know Sunny’s Kitchen is a place to meet and a place to eat. Using local ingredients and diverting food from landfill our cracking group get together to prepare a three course meal and best of all sit down and eat it, enjoying each other’s company and learning new skills. It’s an absolute winner, no wonder it was so sadly missed during COVID. Thanks go to Hannah Ewan and the Community Carrot for their continued commitment and work on our joint projects. Funding for the first phase roll out of Sunny’s Kitchen has been very generously supplied by Edinburgh University Local Community grants and we are very grateful.

We are still working with a relatively small number of the people from the community but as time passes we hope to be opening this up to a larger group so if you do want to attend or learn more please get in touch.