The Ridge requires a show of support for its work and vision and to do this we need members to be signed up to our Charitable Body, The Ridge SCIO. If we manage to secure this support in a show of membership we will be in a position to go to the Scottish Land Fund to help secure our community asset transfer of the much – used Backlands Garden site and the much- needed Black Bull Close buildings. We need our community and our community needs you!

Any questions; please contact us by email:

So if you live in the Dunbar/East Linton ward, and haven’t already signed up as a member of the Ridge, would you be very lovely and do that thing? We need to evidence strong community support for the Scottish Land Fund, in advance of the Community Asset Transfer of Black Bull Close/Backlands.
No charge, no commitment, just an expression of support. Thanks so much peeps! xx

You can download a Membership Form here, post it back to us or hand into the Gardens.

Or you can fill it it in right here and now: