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Feasibility Study

7 March 2023

The Ridge is developing plans for 86-88 High Street, which is an important historic site, requiring a careful conservation approach to the restoration of its older parts. We need to consider how to bring the best possible insulation to the cold stone tenement, to reduce heat loss and therefore the requirement for energy in heating. Our plans include some newbuild elements, which present different challenges in a narrow site which limits the potential for thick insulation buildup.  We also want to take this opportunity to look at alternative/non-fossil fuel sources of energy in heating and lighting the buildings old and new, with the chance to consider a district heating scheme across the whole site. 

We were very lucky to secure funding from the Tyne & Esk Rural Communities Development Fund,  funded by Scottish Ministers in conjunction with East Lothian Council, as the Lead Partner for the Local Action Group, which allowed us to commission a feasibility study into options for both insulation and energy generation for this site.

You can dive into the study by clicking here.