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Buy a Bucket

Locally grown, season seasonal flowers – 20 January 2023

We are expanding our cut flower production this year and we want you to be part of it. We are creating a “BUY A BUCKET” scheme whereby you can purchase your own flower bucket to keep and you can then come along to Empire Close on the days advertised to select your flowers – it will be Wednesday and Thursday mornings in season

Lorraine and her team will pick the flowers and foliage that are ready for harvest and condition them for you ready to collect and arrange. The cost will vary depending on what is season. The cost to buy the bucket is £5 (incl. VAT)

We will be starting off with pots of iris reticulata, stunning little purple/blue flowers.

Over the course of the year we will also be running workshops for you to get the most from your precious blooms and help you learn the tricks and techniques to put beautiful arrangements together for your home.